• is the only full function workbench for capturing regulations and requirements and making them immediately checkable.
  • allows domain experts to mark-up of their normative text using a simple palette of just four colours. The results of the mark-up process can be used for checking immediately within the workbench. Alternatively it can be exported for use elsewhere as:
    • IFC constraints,
    • predicate logic statements,
    • OMG BPMN/DMN or
    • generic procedural code.
  • mark-up is supported through a local multi-lingual, multi-function, multi-database dictionary. The dictionary is compatible with ISO 12006 part 3 and buildingSMART bsDD.
  • allows the checking of any number of federated ISO 16739 IFC sub-models against any number of regulations and requirement documents.
  • publishes its results in multiple presentations with full explanation of the critical decisions and any significant unknowns. Results can be notified to members of the project team.
  • is fully multi-lingual, currently supporting English, Chinese, French and Korean, with other languages being easily added by local distributors.
  • uses the RASE methodology(1) devised by AEC3 UK over a decade ago, and proved in projects with International Code Council, US Army ERDC, and Innovate UK RegBIM.
  • accepts any HTML text and leaves the content and appearance unchanged. Future developments planned for 2019 will add handling of the uncertainty found in recommendation documents, and the processing of complex tables.

1 Nisbet N, Wix J and Conover D. 2008. "The future of virtual construction and regulation checking?, in Brandon, P., Kocaturk, T. (Eds),Virtual Futures for Design, Construction and Procurement, Blackwell, Oxfordshire. doi: 10.1002/9781444302349.ch17

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